An experienced, level-headed editor and manager at a high-traffic digital media company, assigning and refining a wide variety of editorial features with an eye for quality, clarity and tone.

Since 2012 I was the deputy editor for the music section while also filling to edit stories from all segments of arts and culture. From July 2014 to May 2016 I acted as the Times’ interim pop music editor, leading the Times’ coverage through major traffic improvements in our coverage of the Grammys, Coachella the deaths of David Bowie and Prince, in addition to the many minor brushfires that come with meeting the multiple deadlines that come with running a print and online operation.

I’ve accrued years of experience editing and managing a daily churn of content from a diverse team of writers, such as features that advanced the trending news of the day as well as artist profiles, essays and long-form features bound for the front page. In every case working to make their ideas clearer, their conclusions and (if appropriate) criticisms stronger. In addition to the day-to-day bustle, I also helped oversee coverage for annual events such as the aforementioned Coachella and those pesky Grammys.

In the past, I have also assigned and edited the paper’s local entertainment listings, directing coverage of art and culture happenings of local and national importance for various city guide efforts made by the L.A. Times including, most recently, one called The Guide, which began in 2008. The product was envisioned as a true hybrid web-print publication staffed by a team of writer-producers who maintained a busy website and published a weekly tabloid.

I served as deputy editor of that website, managing the team of writers while helping lead the Guide from wireframe through testing and design all the way up to the launch of a new site and CMS while debugging technical issues. I helped assign and edit various news and features tied to local events and venues until the site folded in 2012. #RIP.

Oh, I also served as the weekend editor for the L.A. Times entertainment section, assigning, editing, and writing stories as breaking news demanded.


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