I have a wealth of experience crafting stories on tight deadlines, using interviews, research, and analysis to explain complex topics with a clear, conversational voice.

In my current focus, I help agency professionals, data analysts, and web designers communicate their expertise to prospective customers and leaders in their field. I interview experts and translate their perspectives into articles, white papers, eBooks, and emails to create targeted marketing campaigns.

Recently, I’ve written essays covering our ongoing environmental crisis with Red Canary Magazine. In 2020, I looked at Portland’s struggle with a pandemic, brushfires, and social unrest. In 2021, I chronicled the experience under the ‘heat dome’ as well as my futile effort to escape the climate emergency by leaving L.A.

At the L.A. Times, I talked with familiar faces like Trevor Noah, Desus & Mero, Kamasi Washington, Sharon Van Etten and The National as well reporting from Comic-Con, on-set productions, and a comedy club helping kids in need. I also wrote the weekly column Overrated/Underrated, a syndicated look at trends in entertainment.

Here are some samples, in addition to those rounded up where I worked and the good people at Rotten Tomatoes

TV: Reviews and Interviews

I’ve covered Hollywood with a broad range of profiles and critical reviews of some of the biggest shows on TV. And some I just liked a lot.

Music: Reviews and Interviews

For over 10 years I followed my own beat as the L.A. Times jazz critic, but I reviewed and interviewed artists across the musical spectrum.

Book reviews

Here are some examples of literary criticism I’ve written for the L.A. Times, including works by Colson Whitehead, Chuck Klosterman and Geoff Dyer.

Pop culture, sports, etc.

For 10 years I wrote a weekly column about all manner of entertainment, along with essay-length cultural criticism.

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