HeadShotWhy hello there.

This is the virtual home of Chris Barton, that one Chris Barton out of the surprising number of others who you might have read in the Los Angeles Times up until I parted ways with the company in 2019 after relocating to Portland. It was time for a career change. Also, we missed trees.

I’ve written, edited and managed the Internet presence for a lot of words and whatnot at the Times and elsewhere, and I’m still on the look out for where I can help out next. Some time ago, you maybe ran across something I wrote for Magnet Magazine, Under the Radar, the Seattle Weekly or my own strange little corner of the internet started during the blogging panic of the mid-aughts. Sometime before that I worked at a sued-into-oblivion, Napster-esque dotcom called Scour.net, where I did a little copywriting and technical writing, and before that when I worked as a production editor in the nonprofit world at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. (But if you really want to startle me, tell me you were among the few jaded comics and the mentally unstable who saw me working through things onstage during a brief, troubling dip into stand-up comedy in San Francisco back in the ’90s.)

Regardless, this is the space to learn a little more about me, read samples of my work and maybe allow me to write, edit or move pixels around for you. Welcome, stay awhile.

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