In addition to my contributions to the L.A. Times, here’s a few other places my words have appeared. You too can be added to this list! Ask me how.

Red Canary Magazine
Beyond the Heat Dome: Where do you escape when climate change overwhelms the West? (2021)

Flaming Portland: Fires, Feds, Protesters, and Proud Boys collide in the Pacific Northwest  (2020)

With new ensemble members, SFJAZZ Collective builds a bigger tent (2019)

Magnet Magazine (2007-2008)

Under the Radar (2007)

Seattle Weekly (2002-2003)

Art Connoisseur (2001) (1999-2000)

Maxim (1998)
I won a photo caption contest, which involved a joke about Hanson and at La Tomatina in Spain. I’m sorry I brought this up.

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