A digital-savvy writer, editor and storyteller with years of experience meeting deadlines with clean, engaging copy as well as assigning and maintaining an editorial calendar on multiple platforms. Skilled with crafting and refining stories with a sharp eye for clarity, quality and tone with a proven track record of communicating for a general audience on a wide variety of topics.


LOS ANGELES TIMES                                                                                  Los Angeles, California

Senior Writer, Editor

  • Wrote and reported on arts, culture and entertainment since 2003 with a clear, conversational voice in features ranging from engaging short-form lists to front page news. Skilled with distilling often complex and unfamiliar concepts for general readers, including acting as jazz critic, focusing on the vanguard of the genre and placing the music into a broader cultural context.
  • Helped steer the department’s digital coverage as deputy editor, organizing and executing story plans for breaking news and large-scale events while striving to present stories in innovative ways through graphics, video and eye-catching copy.
  • Served as editor from July 2014 to May 2016, managing a diverse staff while maintaining a strong track record of meeting daily and weekly deadlines with a focus on building an online audience that met and exceeded goals.
  • Contributed to the section’s social media presence, offering in-the-moment commentary and promoting editorial content.
  • Participated in daily meetings with stakeholders from multiple departments to find innovative ways to present coverage to best satisfy reader interests.
  • Wrote the weekly front-of-the-book column Overrated/Underrated, an irreverent take on pop culture that became one of the most popular features on LATimes.com.

Senior Digital Producer                                                                                                  April 00 – Aug 12

  • Worked with development teams in production for The Guide, a redesign of the L.A. Times’ local entertainment section. Helped design, test and debug the site and its CMS through launch and beyond (site was folded into LATimes.com in 2011).
  • Managed and edited a team of writers and producers, brainstorming for upcoming service-driven features as well as scheduling the editorial calendar for promotion on the website’s various entertainment channels.
  • Edited and maintained multiple high-traffic sections of the arts and entertainment section of the website and its listings database with an eye for driving traffic to features through eye-catching copy and visuals.
  • Produced supplemental articles, photo galleries and newsletters to drive traffic to online resources and features.

SCOUR, INC                                                                                                                      Beverly Hills, CA

Content Writer                                                                                                                  Sept. 99 – Feb 00

  • Composed voice-driven features highlighting the best web content for the (now-defunct) pop culture search portal Scour.com.
  • Worked with marketing and technology departments to write multiple software user guides and promotional copy.


THE DAVID AND LUCILE PACKARD FOUNDATION                                                      Los Altos, CA

Production Editor                                                                                                               June 95 – July 99

  • Assisted with production of the triannual research journal The Future of Children. Responsible for page layout, photo acquisition and querying editors on clarification of material to better reach readers.
  • Designed, built and oversaw the journal’s first web presence.


SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                                             San Jose, CA

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science

  • Graduated cum laude with a concentration in public policy; Minor in English/Technical Communication.


SELECTED CLIPS : www.therealchrisbarton.com

OTHER PUBLICATIONS : Magnet Magazine, Seattle Weekly, Under the Radar, Art Connoisseur, Maxim

RADIO & TELEVISION : Appeared on KCET-TV “SoCal Connected” as well as BBC Jazz on 3, BBC5, KCBS, KFI

SKILLS : A fast learner of various content management systems and facility with MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, basic Final Cut Pro and multiple web publishing tools as well as social media platforms and interoffice communication (Slack).


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