A collaborative, detail-oriented writer and editor who combines over 15 years of journalism experience with digital marketing expertise to deliver eye-catching copy and clear, concise narratives that inform and engage a wide audience.


Newfangled                                                                                       Chapel Hill, NC (Remote)
Senior Marketing Writer                                                                        March ‘20 – Present

  • Interview subject matter experts and executive leaders at agencies specializing in digital development, UX design, data analytics, and other disciplines to create website copy and thought leadership to support marketing strategies.
  • Write white papers, case studies, eBooks, and blog posts on complex topics targeting specific audience personas while using style guides and interview transcripts to capture a brand voice and tone appropriate for each client.
  • Develop and maintain client relationships that increased trust and secured consistently high retention for my roster.
  • Collaborate with content, email, and paid media teams to execute quarterly content plans that include automated email programs, social media copy, and display ads to promote articles, gated assets, and services.

Chris Barton, LLC                                                                        Oct. 2007 – Present
Freelance Writer   
Contributed interviews and reviews to various media outlets including the Magnet, Downbeat and the L.A. Times.

Los Angeles Times                                                                            Los Angeles, CA
Senior  Writer                                                                          Aug. 2012 – May 2019

  • Led coverage of business and cultural topics of national interest with stories ranging from breaking news blog items to long-form interviews and analysis in a fast-paced environment. Distilled complex concepts into clean copy with a clear, conversational voice.
  • Collaborated with content teams to shape, expand, and distribute coverage of high-interest events across platforms, incorporating editorial feedback while offering eye-catching headlines and design direction. Delivered increased site visit lengths year-over-year.
  • Steered the cultural conversation as critic, placing key issues and figures into broader context to inform a general audience. Created and wrote the column Overrated/Underrated, a weekly feature that drew a dedicated audience with voice-driven commentary.
  • Contributed to coverage efforts on social media as well as various appearances on public television, radio and podcasts, offering timely commentary while promoting editorial features. Moderated audience Q&As and live interviews at events and screenings.

Deputy Editor, Editor                                                            April 2007 –June 2016

  • Led digital coverage as deputy editor, organizing and executing publication plans around breaking news and planned events while working to increase audience engagement through sharp headlines, SEO strategies and social media.
  • Conducted regular meetings with stakeholders from editorial, design and marketing to find innovative ways to present content and provide the best user experience. Collaborated with production teams to design and distribute stories across digital platforms.
  • Acted as section editor, assigning and refining stories for publication across multiple platforms while managing a diverse team of writers through daily and weekly deadlines for breaking news and planned events. Achieved results that exceeded traffic goals.
  • Worked with development teams through production of a redesign of the L.A. Times’ local entertainment product. Helped test, debug and satisfy use cases for the site and its CMS. Crafted external messaging and user documentation around new digital tools.
  • Supervised and trained a team of writer/producers while serving as point of contact with technology teams for production issues. Developed and maintained a weekly editorial calendar while curating stories for promotion across section fronts.

Senior Content Producer                                                      April 2000 – July 2007

  • Managed and maintained multiple high-traffic topic areas for the website and its listings database, repurposing print content for a digital audience with eye-catching photos, display copy and landing page design to establish the site as a comprehensive resource.
  • Produced newsletters, galleries and other supplemental content to enhance user experience and increase engagement.

Scour, Inc.                                                                                     Beverly Hills, CA
Content Writer                                                                               Sept. 99 – Feb 00

  • Created voice-driven feature stories on public domain entertainment content for the pop culture portal start-up, Scour.com.
  • Collaborated with marketing and engineering teams to craft end user documentation and promotional copy for new products.

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation                                   Los Altos, CA
Production Editor                                                                        June 95 – July 99

  • Assisted with production of the triannual social science research journal The Future of Children. Responsible for page layout, photo acquisition and querying editors for clarification of material aimed toward an audience of policy influencers.


SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY                                                               San Jose, CA
Bachelor of Arts, Political Science 

  • Graduated cum laude with a concentration in public policy; minor in technical writing and communication.

Experienced with managing and producing content on multiple content management systems as well as Adobe Creative Suite, Slack, social media. Completed Udemy coursework in copywriting and UX writing.

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