Content Strategy

I’ve spent my whole career in digital content production, working to enhance, position and promote editorial on consumer-facing sites and social media., entertainment coverage (2012-16). Managed a diverse team through all phases of digital and print production as deputy editor, a tenure that included acting as editor from July 2014 to May 2016. Set and maintained an editorial calendar with daily and weekly publication schedules while executing media plans around special events such as Coachella along with refining stories, headlines, newsletters and digital coverage plans to meet SEO guidelines and engage a national audience. Helped devise and implement a content strategy around innovative new forms of digital storytelling and planned coverage events, which in the case of the 2016 Grammys resulted in an 183% increase in readership from the prior year.

I also helped lead the online coverage for entertainment events that included designing, laying out and maintaining the landing pages for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, the Grammys, the Oscars and a variety of special entertainment packages that required collaboration with editorial and design teams as well as incorporating supplemental video, audio and social media engagement.

The Guide / Brand X, now defunct (2007-12): As deputy editor of what was to be a hybrid product for the Times, I helped supervise a team of content producers and writers who both published a weekly tabloid print edition (the former Calendar Weekend) and a listings-centric website aimed toward local entertainment and nightlife. I was closely involved with the redesign of the website and its Content Management System, working with developers as well as project and product managers through various wireframes, use-cases, testing and deadlines up through launch.

The site contained a large listings database and in may ways sought to replicate the functionality of Calendar Live, and I was the point of contact for training the content producers on new publication tools while also being responsible for working with technology teams to debug the CMS.  After multiple redesigns and rebranding efforts amid the flagging ad sales for the media climate of its time as sales and marketing worked to target a new audience, the site was eventually folded into the L.A. Times’ Entertainment section.

L.A. Times Entertainment. (2003-07) This is what Calendar Live eventually evolved into, a more nationally focused site that offered web-only stories and sidebars on ‘American Idol’ as well as daily photo galleries and other features that advanced the trending topics of the day. As senior producer, I contributed to these stories in a variety of ways as well as recommending stories for promotion on

Calendar Live, now defunct (2000-03): My first job with the Times as the online version of the Calendar section. I served as the music and movies editor, promoting articles on local and national entertainment with an eye for reader needs while also trying to provide a service for those planning their weekend through a large listings database covering art, theater, dance, pop music and classical. I also compiled the event listings for print and online.

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